Spotlight Artist April 2000


Christine Havrilla

They don't make artists this good anymore !!

Her Acoustic Tunings  Will Blow Your Mind....

Her Lyrics will touch your heart in a way  it hasn't been touched since the first time you fell in love .....and got your heart broke !!

Her voice will make you applaud..... right in front of your computer.
And the whole texture of what she plays is so  great.... you won't feel like a fool  for feeling that way.

What the Sam Hill is she doing on Mp3?

Lots of you have been buying Christine this month..... that's why she's up here!!

The mayor...... well he couldn't resist her charms either.....and it was one of the first CD's he bought.

Out of the Box 1 .... is killer.

Out of the box 2..... will tear your heart out.

I could  give you a song by song-----play by play review---- but I would just be wasting your time.....

Click on her web site now  and listen.

Some things in life are beyond description....

Christine is One of them.

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